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PS100: Integrating Positive Psychology Approaches Into Your Work


Dates:At your convenience

Course Type
Telecourse After you register for the course you will be sent a special telephone number that you call into from anyplace that is convenient for you, along with your other class participants. You will be able to hear the class lecture, ask questions and dialogue about the material.

This course introduces you to the current movement in the field of Positive Psychology and teaches you how to integrate it into your personal and professional life. You will learn what positive psychology means, and how can it change your life and that of your clients. You will discover the similarities, differences and bridges between the medical model and the wellness model of mental health.

Educational Objectives:
1. What is Positive Psychology? 2. Identifying the characteristics of positive people. 3. Benefits of Happiness. 4. Goals of Positive Psychology. 5. Tools to measure and teach positive psychology. 6. Moving from a DSM, problem orientation to a Values and Strengths orientation. 7. Increasing happiness in your personal life. 8. Helping your clients increase happiness.

Curriculum Overview:
Week 1 Overview of happiness research; Self-assessments and the three paths to happiness Week 2 Theories of happiness, identifying strengths and virtues, enforcing and using strengths and virtues Week 3 Integrating positive psychology into your personal and professional life Week 4 Using positive psychology in teams and the workplace

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