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PMP106: Personal Excellence


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Active Homestudy—After you register for the course you will be sent a course syllabus. Every week you are sent reading assignments and homework. Once a week you have the opportunity to call into the instructor and discuss the readings and homework. There is also a Blog available for all participants to discuss their work and ask questions.

As a professional in private practice you are held to a standard of excellence, not perfection. Excellence is not a state—it is a process that grows from you. This course teaches you how to organize yourself in a way to facilitate excellence, and manage your time and energy in the most ideal way possible. Explore how to create more income streams to support your work. You will leave this course knowing exactly where you stand, what you need to do, and have resources to accomplish your goals.

Educational Objectives:

  • Personal Leadership -About YOU -Visioning the Best Life Possible -Designing the Best Life Possible -Clarifying Your Risk Taking Approach -Managing Change -Avoiding Burnout
  • Personal Organization & Self Management -Creating a personal mission statement -Identifying SMART Goals -Designing workable Action Plans -Taking Action and Accountability -Motivation -Harmonic Organization
Keeping a personal journal

Curriculum Overview:
To be announced

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