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PMP103 Risk-Proofing Your Practice


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Active Homestudy– After you register for the course you will be sent a course syllabus. Every week you are sent reading assignments and homework. Once a week you have the opportunity to call into the instructor and discuss the readings and homework. There is also a Blog available for all participants to discuss their work and ask questions.

Creating and maintaining a private professional practice is not for the faint of heart or the lazy. A successful practice requires a constant interaction between the art of psychotherapy, smart business practices, and operation within the laws and regulations that protect consumers. The buck always stops with the private practitioner whenever a problem arises. The smart private practice practitioner does everything they can to provide quality services AND protect their business from legal and/or ethical complaints and suits. These actions alone go a long way to ensure that you will be less likely to face future practice difficulties.

Educational Objectives:

Curriculum Overview:
The workshop includes: * How we got into this situation The history of MH law * Identifying what risks are out there and how you can act to risk-proof yourself and your practice. You can't protect yourself 100% but you can manage yourself in a way that limits incident, claim or suit occurrence. Avoiding Litigation Consultation Anticipating risk factors Collections Emergency information Scope of practice Licensing law and regulations Professional standards Unprofessional behavior Advertising Confidentiality Privileged communication Treatment of minors Dual relationships Insurance reimbursement issues Inappropriate treatment Misdiagnosis Protecting Yourself Insurance Site requirements New client screening Documentation Record keeping Performance guarantees Physical contact * Your Respond-sibilities Boundaries Conflict of interest Dual relationship Abandonment Overt Covert Alienating clients from their families Defamation of character Alienation of affections * What to do when you’re in trouble

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