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PMP101 Before You Open Your Doors


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Active Homestudy–After you register for the course you will be sent a course syllabus. Every week you are sent reading assignments and homework. Once a week you have the opportunity to call into the instructor and discuss the readings and homework. There is also a Blog available for all participants to discuss their work and ask questions.

Before you Open the Doors is designed to give the professional who is new to private practice the foundation on which to build their own practice. For the clinician who already has a practice, this course helps you identify and fill in those missing pieces that, once in place, will ensure that your practice is solid and built to succeed.

Educational Objectives:
In this course you will design your perfect practice. Some of the topics presented are: • Visioning your perfect practice. • Deciding if you want to, or are prepared to work with managed care. • Learning how to create a private pay clientele. • Creating a start-up marketing plan. • Creating a business graphic identity for all your business paperwork and outreach materials. • Identifying your ideal client/s. • Identifying what niche markets and/or specialities you should work with. • Starting a Marketing Journal to keep you motivated to promote your practice.

Curriculum Overview:
To be announced

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