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PMP100: Fast Start - Creating a Successful Professional Practice


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Course Type
Active Homestudy– After you register for the course you will be sent a course syllabus. Every week you are sent reading assignments and homework. Once a week you have the opportunity to call into the instructor and discuss the readings and homework. There is also a Blog available for all participants to discuss their work and ask questions.

This Fast Start course is for the professional who has already had some private practice experience. You will move rapidly through Phases I II and III, from start-up to planning for your future. Learn how to create a place where you can do your “work” and make a sustainable living. Discover how to take your current practice to the next level. Explore how to create more income streams to support your work. You will leave this course knowing exactly where you stand in your professional life and what you need to do next. Best of all, you'll have the resources to accomplish your goals.

Educational Objectives:
1. Understand the market forces that are shaping today’s professional pratice. 2. Have a list of what must be in place for compliance with legal and ethical issues. 3. Learn Authentic Marketing 4. Match your personality type with your most effective marketing approaches 5. Create a business and marketing plan to take you to the next level of your profession.

Curriculum Overview:
Week 1 – Overiew of the marketplace and how you can determine what the best kind of practice you should create for your situation. Week 2 – Creating your circle of excellence Week 3 – Identify your professional developmental stage and business needs Week 4 – The three phases of professional practice and assessments to understand where you are. Week 5 – Setting up your practice or refining your existing practice. Week 6 – Practice building – How to get referrals. Week 7 – Getting from HERE to THERE – Understanding change, risk taking and personal leadership. Week 8 – Planning for long term success – Extreme self-care and excellence.

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