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MBSR100: Mindfulness Practice and Psychotherapy


Dates:Tuesdays—September 25, October 2, 7 & 15 7AM PST/10AM EST—for one hour.

Course Type
Telecourse—After you register for the course you will be sent a special telephone number that you call into from anyplace that is convenient for you, along with your other class participants. You will be able to hear the class lecture, ask questions and dialogue about the material.

Mindfulness practice is a renewable energy source and delight. It can easily be experienced by anyone. Learn what Mindfulness is, is not, and how it can be integrated into the therapeutic relationship as well as your personal life.

Educational Objectives:
• What is mindfulness? • What is its place in therapy? • What does it have to offer clients suffering from conditions such as anxiety or depression? • How and when might it be introduced into psychotherapy? • How is modern brain science contributing to our understanding of mindfulness?

Curriculum Overview:
Week 1 – A history of mindfulness and how to establish your own practice Week 2 – Mindfulness-oriented psychotherapy Week 3 – Using mindfulness-oriented psychotherapy with specific diagnoses Week 4 – Mindfulness and Positive Psychology

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